lol竞猜平台-apple is closing in on its largest ever acquisition with The planned $ 3 . 2 bn purchase of beats electronics,The headphone maker and music stric苹果(Apple)已经是30多岁的Beats Electronics由音乐制作人吉米Iovine和嘻哈歌手Dr Dre设立的耳机制造商和音乐流媒体运营商。the deal could be announced as early as next week,people familiar with the negotiations said,But they cautioned that some details had yet to正在协商的交易苹果的首席执行官蒂姆库克(Tim Cook)似乎指出,在——年由弟弟史蒂夫乔布斯(Steve Jobs)主导的时代,苹果很少进行如此大规模的收购。

apple will acquire Beats ‘ streaming music service,which launched this year,and its audio equipment business,Which includes its消息人士表示,苹果将收购Beats今年发行的音乐流媒体服务及音频设备业务3354。如果并购顺利,Beats团队将向库克报告。对于这个消息,苹果和Beats都拒绝接受评价。

a decade after Mr jobs transformed The music industry with The itunes download store and The ipod digital music player,The deal is likely to be seen乔布斯面前很有可能会否认,iTunesiTunes商店和10年后苹果进行的此次收购合并,苹果自己也必须把目光投向自己的库比蒂诺实验室以外,才能保持影响力。while beats commands a leading position in the premium headphone market,Its real value to apple is in revital ising Its ” cool ” at a time wilol竞猜平台thBeats在高级耳机市场处于领先地位,但对苹果来说,确定的价值在于它能再次给苹果带来“酷”的感觉。苹果itunes的人气最近上升,而三星(Samsung)的反感市场攻势也威胁着苹果的iphone品牌。

apple executives have admitted that Its brand is in need of a revamp . internal emails released during Its recent patent trial with Samsung showed Its MMS这些邮件表明,三星的“Nexuiging”营销战略大获全胜时,苹果营销总监菲舍尔(Phil Schiller)考虑了更换苹果的广告代理公司。
apple is paying a hefty premium for cool 3360 Beats took a $ 500m investment from Carlyle In September 2013 that valued the company at more than $为了这种“酷”的感觉,苹果需要很高的费用,穆迪(Moodys)分析师理查德莱恩(Richard Lane)表示:“在收购方面,苹果的笔迹仍然很小。

”我认为在过去的4年里,他们从未在并购上花费过10亿美元。“Mr cook said last month apple was”on the prowl“for more acquisitions,After buying 24 companies in the past 18 months and he was not avails”上个月,库克回应说,在过去18个月收购了24家企业后,苹果正在积极考虑收购更多企业。The beats move follows a string of high-priced deals in silicon valley,After Google acquired smart home developerBeats收购全球音乐产业协会国际唱片业协会(IFPI)最近的一份报告显示,音乐行业增长最快的是订阅者服务。

这种服务的销售额在2013年迅速增长50%,超过11亿美元。one motivation for the beats deal may lie in shifts in music consumption . subscription services are the biggest growth area for the music industris wis目前,itunes音乐itunes服务的规模仍然位居世界第二。

but downloads fell 2 percent to $ 3.93 bnthe first annual decline since apple launched its itunes store in 2003。itunes is still the worls Music download service。苹果也试图销售音乐流媒体服务,但从未销售过无限数量的订阅者服务。

iTunes的竞争对手,包括快速增长的Spotify,正在享受无限量的用户服务。apple has dabbled in music streaming but never launched an unlimited subscription service to compete with fast-growing rivals to itunes such as去年苹果公司(威廉莎士比亚,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),)In 2009 it acquired Lala,a music streaming service,and last year launched itunes在苹果准备发行“iWatch”智能手表的过程中,设计师和工程师也可以从Beats多年的经验中受益。Mr io vine and dr drereal name Andre youngwere inspired to create beats by the poor sound quality of the headphones bundled with the ipod andbe loved by music and sports stars beats has become a street-smart fashion brand,但这比高额收购更有可能成为批评,2011年乔布斯去世后,苹果公司享有内部创新能力。ahead of apple ‘ s expected launch of an ‘ iwatch ‘ accessory,Beats will also give its designers and engineers access to years of experies