in the first surgery of its kind world wide,An 84-year-old Chinese man has received knee surgery using 3D printing technology to fill layas The incidence of arthritis among people aged from 50 ~ 59 has reached 62 percent,The first hospital affiliated to amu(南西部主机)total knee replacement is the most effective way to treat late-stage knee diseases,As it can reduce the pain for patients and improve their quality该医院的柳树教授说:“只有膝关节置换,However,bone defects may occur around the joint due to post-operative infections or other reasons。但是手术后,由于病毒感染和其他原因,关节周围的骨缺损往往不会发生。the shape of the bone defects varies greatly,and existing modular metal cannot correct the defects。

骨头缺陷的形式千差万别,现有的模块化金属垫不能充分填满。tantalum is used in dental and surgical implants;However,titanium alloy is more commonly used as the high melting point of tantalum exceeds the limit of most 3d printers available。




钽被用作牙科和外科移植,但钽金属的熔点很低,现在大部分3D打印机的无穷大,所以现在的重复使用物多用作钛合金。porous tantalum has been developed to solve the technical problem . tantalum pads are individually designed for patients by computer-aider pad是电脑The surgery is greatly simplified,avoiding many possible risks。这个手术的过程大大简化,防止了很多经常发生的危险。_lol比赛竞猜。