four months ago Microsoft scored a cyber coup . its digital sleuths identified a ” bot net “,or fake server,That had installed malwareto their alarm they discovered that no fewer than 12m-yye M-PCs were infected,according to Tom Burt,the company ‘s deputy general4个月前,微软在互联网世界排名第一,该公司的数字侦察机在全球许多电脑上找到充当恶意软件的“僵尸网络”(假服务器),然后与联邦调查局(FBI)和其他领域合作重新启动网络。微软副总裁法律顾问汤姆伯特(Tom Burt)表示,他担心至少1200万台3354台,即1200万3354台电脑感染了病毒。

If you are tempted to shout “hooray “,that is understand able.after all,Botnets pose a particular ly pernicious threat since they arrayand cyber attacks in general are increasing explosively Costing global businesses $ 400 bn a year,according to data from Microsoft,但是微软的数据显示,总体来看,网络攻击的数量呈圆形爆炸式快速增长,每年给全球企业造成4000亿美元的损失。There is a catch,though . Microsoft and the FBI now hope to bring the cyber hackers who created that botnet to court . but since this botnet was not enent但是这个“僵尸网络”在美国几乎没有运营,感染病毒的1200万台电脑集中在中国、印度、智利和美国,可能会陷入法律灰色地带。“think of a situation where you have a botnet in Singapore run by hackers in Bulgaria who cause damage to somebody in America,”Mr Burt told a fiile“What laws are used?”Nobody knows.incyberspace,as in the global financial system A decade ago,A plethora of criminal activity is in danger of falling between to“伯特不久前在英国《金融时报》在华盛顿举行的会议上说:‘谁享有管辖权?”。限于哪个国家的法律?单击没有人说。


在网络空间,像10年前的全球金融体系一样,很多犯罪活动都可以避免制裁。因为各国法律没有赶上发展缓慢的数字世界。investors and politicians around The world should take note-and worry . deeply . in The past couple of years,Western governments and businesses
例如,不久前在华盛顿,美国国土安全部(DHS)启动了面向公共设备企业的“信息自动共享”计划。Suzanne Spaulding DHS副部长表示,该计划的目的是在有人向美国公共事业企业图谋不轨时,让所有人都能得到警报。

(注:Suzanne Spaulding,DHS副部长,Suzanne Spaulding,Suzanne Spaulding) In truth,Such Information-Sharing is Still Imms when suspicion between business And the security establishment reached such depths that the us chamber of commerce dragged its feet about setting up 但是今天,4年前,企业和安全机关彼此高度警惕,因此美国商会(US Chamber of Commerce)制定强制性信息共享计划时也感到厌烦。目前还没有对美国公共事业企业等黑客的攻击。是一个有点悲伤的地方But,as business and government strengthen their defences,the big missing piece of this campaign is punishment . as any parent or regull It但是,随着企业和政府加强防卫,这一行动也有很大的缺陷,正如任何父母或监管机构所表明的那样,如果没有强制惩戒的机制,就很难防止不正当的不道德。目前,被告出庭的网络罪犯人数与每年4000亿美元的损失规模相比非常少。


that partly reflects the difficulty of identifying and apprehending perpetrators,Particularly in places such as Russia and China . the other beIn a rational world,this would suggest a multilateral body,such as the un,Urgently needs to create some common laws or at least promotein the real world,sensible collaboration is hard to oot Indeed,Events such as the Edward snow den affair-where revelations by a former“walls are going up,”says Mr Burt.现实世界中理性合作现在很难组织。事实上,爱德华斯诺登(Edward Snowden)等事件使争论变得更加困难。国家安全机构(NSA)合同工斯诺登对美国网络监视强度的曝光引发了欧美隐私问题的争吵。高高的墙举着。

“伯特叫道。So in the interim,us officials are using whatever home grown tools they have . Mr Carlin,for example,Says Washington security officiation因此,在现阶段,美国官员正在利用所有土著手段。


例如,卡林说,华盛顿的安全官员最近从马来西亚遣返了一名黑客嫌疑人,此人对美国一家零售商进行网络攻击,为更大的伊斯兰主义阴谋制定了事前计划。but strong-arm us legal action is not an effective long-term solution;not least because such unilateral measures risk sparking a backlash . and many western companies are in effect stuck 3360 they can build defences ST cycle但是美国强硬的法律措施多年来并不是有效的解决方案。特别是因为这种单方面措施会引起反作用。


so when people describe cyber space as the new wild west,They are only half correct . this is a place where baddies have an endless supply of cheap guideunlikely to change soon-unless and until companies such as Microsoft find a way to put those botnet creators behind bars . that would be an everr所以当人们把网络空间描述成新的“Wild West”时,他们只有一半是对的。网络空间是坏人不断提供廉价枪支,而普通市民只有防御工事的地方。这种情况似乎不大可能迅速改变3354。