lol竞猜官网_mark Zuckerberg has dominated the desktop internet . hes dominated the mobile internet . now hes going to dominate Facebook itself,and他还主宰了移动互联网现在,他想统治Facebook,这家公司可能表示同意。the big news that came out of facebooks quarterly earnings report is that the company is making more money,from more users,Being shown moreFacebook的季度收益报告引发了很多新闻,表明Facebook赚更多的钱,享受更多的用户,展示更好的广告。The numbers are,well,big . its user base grew from 1.44 billion to 1.65 billion . once upon a time,the number of people on faceboom It cant这些数字相当大其用户基础迅速从14.4亿增加到16.5亿。一度,Facebook用户的数量在一年内增长了5倍。


当然,地球上肯定没有那么多人,所以它现在已经接近了。(威廉莎士比亚,泰姆派斯特,希望如此)More users is nice but thats not why Facebook is on top of the world today . instead,Its about where those users are : of就是手机。


此外,用户在网站上停留的时间也更长了。普通用户现在每天看50分钟的Facebook。Goodbye links to news sites,hello instant articlesthe same thing,but served from facebooks servers,In facebooks app and often你,新闻网站链接,你好,即时文章-某种程度上只是一件事。

但是,后者是从Facebook服务器获得的,是在Facebook应用程序上玩Facebook的广告。The same switch happened in video,Where Facebook aggressively pushed its own video product ahead of links to competitors such as YouTube and vime视频服务领域也经常出现类似情况,YouTube等竞争对手提供了57%的Those efforts combined to make the companys mobile ad revenue jump by in the first quarter,from $3.3 bn to这种希望的结合使该公司的移动广告收入在今年第一季度飙升57%,从33亿美元跃升至52亿美元。每个用户本季度的价值为3.32美元,比去年的2.5美元有所下降。founder and chief executive mark zucker Berg wields a huge amount of influence in the company,and while the companys results are this good,IIS创始人兼CEO马克扎克伯格对公司有很大的影响,公司的业绩也很好,所以扎克伯格想更进一步。

he already holds a dis proportionate amount of class b shares,Which carry 10 votes in internal debates compared to the one vote guaranteed by a class他已经享有公司B股,其股东拥有内部辩论的10个投票权,A类股享有保障投票权的选票。
Now,the company has proposed a three-to-one stock split in its quarterly results,Which would give each Facebook shareholder two Non-。现在这些没有投票权的股票可以在不撤回实际控制权的情况下出售,这对扎克伯格来说非常出色,他已经承诺将自己一生Facebook股份的99%捐赠给慈善机构。