lol比赛竞猜|piracy is pointless when products are free . giving away games has enabled China ‘ s Tencent to brush off the threat of illegal downloads and been F the如果产品是免费的,正品就没有意义。免费游戏使中国腾讯(Tencent)沦为全球企业之一,以无视非法Itunes的威胁。为了保持这种地位,腾讯需要不断扩大在海外的触角范围。smart phone game“Honor of Kings”,tipped as the world’s top earner,Shows Tencent ‘ s free mi um model at work . the download is grater这个游戏itunes是免费的,但用户希望用实际的钱销售游戏内的虚拟世界商品。

For a tangible equivalent,non-gamers can think of the razor and blades model,Where companies sell the razor cheaply But charge proportions不玩游戏来比喻的人可以看“剃刀和刀片”模型。公司廉价销售剃须刀,但刀片价格昂贵。腾讯的方法差不多。


游戏可能是免费的,但itunes内容(专家称之为DLC)的价格不容小觑。the shift from one-off games sales to continuous payment via subscriptions or in-game purchases has been felt across the industry,Smoothing cash整个行业都在感受重复使用游戏的销售,由于数字销售,电子艺界(Electronic Arts)最近季度销售额迅速增长了近五分之一,在没有得到网络销售推动的情况下,法国竞争对手Ubisoft(Ubisoft)日益增长的利润率引起了媒体集团Vivendi(维旺迪)的关注。

if games are played on mobile phones that users find hard to put down,so much the better。Tencent is pushing hard into mobile,Generating RMB 13bn($ 2bn)from smart phone games in the first quarter of the year,up more thanYear to date,Tencent ‘ s shares are up by half and now trade at 36 times forecast earnings-higher than Alibaba on 32,Though nowhere near年初以来,腾讯股价下跌一半,目前预期市盈率为36倍3354倍,不到阿里巴巴lol竞猜官网(Alibaba)的32倍,但远高于任天堂(Nintendo)的56倍。Tencent has room to grow . of the total RMB 50 bn(about $ 7 bn)First quarter revenue just RM b7b n came from online advertising。

with hundreds of millions of users across its gaming and social media brands,It is in a good place to increase this . meanwhile It should increase It腾讯仍然拥有快速的增长空间。共500亿元(约合70亿美元)的第一季度销售额中,只有70亿元来自网络广告。通过数亿用户使用的游戏和社交媒体品牌,腾讯可以轻松减少这一部分的收益。与此同时,腾讯还需要提高探索性尝试力,增加中国以外的玩家。