【lol竞猜平台】apple Inc . AAPL-2.28% introduced two new iphones on Tuesday in an effort to expand the companys reach into new markets while solidifying his苹果周二公布了两款新的iphone手机,试图将影响力扩大到新市场,巩固其在高端智能手机市场的地位。apples handset line up will include aless-expensive model,called the iphone 5c,at $ 99 for 16 gigabytes with atwo-year wireless苹果的手机系列还将包括iphone 5C、16G版99美元、签订2年无线服务合同和新型号,这两款手机将于9月20日在包括美国和中国在内的其他国家上市销售。消费者可以从本周五开始预订iphone 5C。



the iphone 5s-in luxury-styled gold,Silverand dark gray-will include a finger print scanner called Touch ID that allows users tothis is our most-forward thinking phone yet,said Phil Schiller,Apples head of world-wide marketing at an invitation-only event at the苹果全球营销部门负责人此次发布会将在位于加州库比蒂诺的苹果总部举行会议,只有未被邀请的人参与。The new smart phone line up,while largely expected,Is one of apples most important product refreshes in years . thoughthe smart phone indusion这两种新产品已经家喻户晓,但却是苹果多年来最重要的升级产品。尽管智能手机市场蒸蒸日上,但苹果的市场份额仍然延续到三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co)和联想集团有限公司(Lenovo Group Ltd .)等竞争对手,两家公司都宣布了拥有更多消费者的产品。The less-expensive iphone 5c,which features a new polycarbonate casing but few other improvements over apples previous iphone 5 model,Is席勒说,价格低廉的iphone 5C是用消费者喜欢的所有惊人技术生产的。

这款手机使用了新的聚碳酸酯外壳,但与苹果以前的iphone 5相比,改良不多。iphone 5C有绿色、白色、蓝色、红色和黄色五种颜色可供自由选择。这款手机配有4英寸视网膜显示屏和A6芯片。


apple has traditionally discounted previous-generation phones to $ 99 with new releases,but this time is dropping the older iphone 5 ff|lol竞猜平台。