The worlds first quantum satellite is currently in The middle of in-orbit testing,and will carry out additional scientific tests after nove The昵称美国CIus、the satellite、QUESS(Quantum Experiments At Space Scale)和was launched in China in August。名为墨水号码的空间规模Quess has three missions to fulfill,which are the launch into orbit,in-orbit testing And scientific experiments . currently,qurently在拒绝接受《新京报》采访时,双边通信卫星项目迄今为止,该卫星已经转移到第二阶段,并进行了两项测试,分别测试了卫星平台和有效负载。

卫星与地面的连接测试目前正在进行中。According to reports,The battery packs of The satellite are functional,and The success rate of its remote control has reached 100 percent to另外,moji号码已经成功追踪了所有地面网站,准确度也令人满意。the satellite has also established three types of satellite-ground links,Which has laid a foundation for quess scientific missions。

we have been adjusting and optimizing parameters,accumulating data for future Pan said。潘建伟回应:墨子号制造了三条卫星-地面连接线,为空间规模的双边实验室科学任务奠定了基础。

我们仍然在调整和优化参数,为今后的研究积累数据。quantum communication boasts ultra-high security,as a quantum photon can neither be separated nor duplicated . it is therefore impost intercenter量子通信的安全性非常安全,因为不能分离或复制量子状态的光子。因此,不可能对通过双边通信传输的信息展开监听、拦截和密码。

Quess,as planned,will also beam entangled photons to two earth stations,1,200 kilometers apart,In a move to test quantum entanglementit will additionally test quantum teleportation with a ground station in Ali,Tibet,the Xinhua news agency reported。据新华社报道,墨子号|lol比赛竞猜。