lol比赛竞猜:For months,Apple watchers have been puzzling over how the company would sell consumers on the idea that scrapping the iphone ‘ s headphone jack几个月来,苹果观察人士对如何说服消费者停止iphone的耳机插孔不是无聊的问题,而是功能升级。many pundits predicted a backlash against removing a technology that,however old,remained in faithful daily service to hundreds of millions但是很少有人预测苹果公司周三在iphone 7发布会上引起的负面反应。

批评家们在推特上争相吐槽。To prepare its pitch,apple had plenty of experience to draw on when making this type of shift In 2008,when Steve jobs pulled the macbook air out2008年,苹果创始人史蒂夫乔布斯(Steve Jobs)在牛皮纸纸条上放入MacBook Air时,人们找到了这款新设计的笔记本电脑:Jobs predicted,accurately,that soon software and media would be delivelyjobs准确预测、软件和We don ‘ t think most users are going to miss the optical drive,he said . the MacBook Air was built to be a wireless machine。

我们不指出大多数用户不记得光驱:The iPhone,just a year old at that point,was also built to be wireless。当时只有石头的iphone也是以无线为设计目的的。

but the 3.5mm wired headphone socket has endured thanks to its simplicity,reliability and universal compatibility。但是,3.5毫米耳机模块具有简单性、可靠性和When Phil Schiller、apple’s marketing chief、took to the stage in San Francisco on Wednesday和He portrayed the port苹果公司营销主管菲尔施莱尔:Our smart phones are packed with technologies and we all want more,Which meant removing some component覆盖新页面的理由归结为一个词:And our team has tremendous courage。

我们队有很大的勇气if Mr Schiller was trying to head off a backlash,his speech may have backfired。如果席勒想预防声波,他的话就会起反作用。faced with what many decried as another example of apple hubris,social networks lit up in a mix of bewilderment,outrage and parody。

面对着很多人,Removing a headphone jack doesn ‘ t take courage。停止耳机插孔不需要勇气。


But charging $159 for ai rpodslol竞猜平台 does,tweeted Dave pell,an investor and IOs app developer,Referring to the pricey new wireless heads但是AirPods穿梭巴士159美元的售价显然需要勇气。投资者和iOS适用于开发者戴夫佩尔(Dave),他指苹果和Iphone 7同时发布的廉价新型无线耳机。

Mike mont eiro,creative director at San Francisco studio Mule Design,posted advert-like images of historical figures such as mahatmetmesAnne Frank)——的广告形象和Photoshop把AirPods塞进了他们的耳朵里,每个画面的解释文本都是勇气。(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),)Behind the ridicule was the feeling that even if its headphones really do sound better than onit should be noted that wireless models are the highest revenue-gene rating products within the head phone market。无线型号应被认为是耳机市场上利润最低的产品:Geoff bl aber、an analyst at CCS insight、predicts the move to wireless audio ultimately will be seen AS a master stroke、the他回应说,苹果考虑到大部分客户的立即担忧,包括可以插入iphone唯一Lightning端口的新耳机和可以连接到现有耳机的适配器。