lol竞猜官网:despite all of the talk about whether artificial intelligence algorithms will replace doctors,Ericlol竞猜平台 topol isnt worried . topol is a cardiologiss每个人都会谈论人工智能算法或代替医生,但埃里克托波尔并不担心。托保罗是斯克里普斯研究所(Scripps Research)的心脏病专家和遗传学家,他写了几本关于医疗未来的书。


his newest book is called deep medicine : how artificial intelligence can make health care human again(out now from basic books)。topol argues that humans will always crave the bond of being cared for by other humans and that ai can help enhance that bond and bring it back-if dock(威廉莎士比亚,奥赛罗,希望如此)The verge spoke to topol about how health care works today,health privacy concerns in The age of ai,And the importancebefore we talk about how ai will affect health care and the patient-doctor relationship,can you tell me what that relationship looks like rik人工智能the relationship has deteriorated . its actually dreadful . the patient is short-changed because you get so little time with your doctoots En get eye ce这种关系已经好转,已经到了可怕的地步。




在这种情况下,医生不能成为好的倾听者。医生非常沮丧,他们的幻想幻灭了,非常失望和悲伤。Plus,We have all of this data-collected from genomes and sensors-and its all dressed up with nowhere to go . I open the book with one of the我的诊疗信息没有被医生和护理人员处理,给我造成了损失,影响了康复。that reinforced that if all of this data were teed up for people,We could make things safer and have better outcomes and have things be more efficies