evoking images from the liquid metal and nearly unstoppable terminator from the movies,BAE systems has posted concept video footage of a process最近Bae systems发布的概念视频展示了今后生产无人机的过程。在视频中,无人机在液体金属中以“宽度”出现,看起来像是电影中没有人能阻止的终结者。a radical new machine called a che mputer could enable advanced chemical processes to grow aircraft and some of their complex electronic systems该公司的官网上写道:“有一台新机器叫做Chemputer。

the video shows a drone being produced in a large vat of chemicals and then moved to a staging area where a robotic arm inserts what are,presumablythe drones engine components . sure this is just a concept,but BAE systems has a track record of turning concepts into reality,So this isnt just在这家公司发布的视频中,一个巨大的化学培养皿里长了无人机,盘子被转移到了别的地方。这里是机器人手臂。



当然,这只是一个概念,但BAE系统公司曾多次将概念变为现实,因此,这并不仅仅是无法构建的发明家的概念视频。(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),)We have been developing routes to digitize synthetic and materials chemistry and at some pome A BAE Systems Global engineering Fellow in A Statement on the companys Website . creating Small Aircraft Would Be Very Challenging but im confider T creation 所以在未来的某个时候,机器要自主分解复杂的东西。或者几乎不需要人类介入。


”生产小型飞机并不具有挑战性,但自信创造这种创造性思维和电子技术不会最终导致简单化学物质系统的自动编程和配置。”the next obvious step would be humanoid robots produced by the Chemputer,and then science fiction will have officially predicted reality—-lol竞猜官网。