lol竞猜官网|mobile is playing a bigger role in the world,and as it does,It ‘ s enabling some profound shifts in how we live . soon,Our mobile devices手机在世界上起着更大的作用。它使我们的生活方式也再次发生了令人印象深刻的变化。


For one,it requires an open and secure,Developer-friendly platform-one that is linked together through a cross-platform mobilitystartups need to be able to H hundreds of failures before ultimately finding the product or service that resonates with consumers . today ‘ s most succuce初创公司要具备百折不挠的精神,才能找到未来引起消费者回响的产品或服务。今天最顺利的初创企业需要根据市场的根本系统意见完成递归升级。例如,在Instagram和Flickr今天顺利进入之前,最初几乎使用了不同的商业模式,但随后随着市场的不同,系统发生了很大的演变。

security is also paramount . there ‘ s both a need to reduce friction-like removing passwords and enabling logins with the touch of finger E security安全也很重要。网络设备必须增加摩擦,如删除密码,必须建立密钥分配。需要提高安全性。


Finally,This all needs to be connected through an agnostic payments OS-one that isn ‘ t confined to a specific platform-that will enants最后,这一切都要通过未知、无限的东西,当家里没有鸡蛋或需要买一些牛奶的时候,冰箱要通过智能手机发送提示,真是太感人了。

但是想象一下,如果冰箱需要为你顺畅地订购,会发生什么?(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视),冰箱)这就是网络商务的下一步。Today,1.9 billion devices are already connected to the internet and it ‘ s estimated that by 2020,We ‘ ll reach 30 billion connected devivice technology will be able to deliver these magical experiences without people having to drive the interaction . this is the future of smart commerces 2000 现在,随着我们快速将智能手机进入主要计算设备,我们也正在从某些人所说的“按需世界”转向我指出的“为你服务世界”。



这就是智能商业的未来。technologies already exist that enable people to pay across mobile apps with a single touch,Or make a purchase without even taking out a wallet Or但这意味着这是一个开始。也就是说,从地理位置信息到销售历史、生物识别数据,我们的移动设备需要一定程度的展开,需要引起连锁交易和体验,我们需要展开任何警告。

imagine a future where your connected wearable device,which tracks your physical activity,Identifies that you haven ‘ t been as active to munchery,OS And jawbone announced a partnership allowing munchery customers to track the nutritional data in their meals on their jawbone up application 网络连接的化妆值会继续跟踪身体活动,所以这周要确认你是否像平时说的那样努力磨练。与杂货店和饮食服务相关联,本周需要购买更适合健康的低热量食物。

(威廉莎士比亚、哈姆雷特、食物)毕竟,根据你过去的销售资料,它当然会说不喜欢胡萝卜和甘蓝,但绝对不会吃西兰花。目前来看,这些经历可能不可思议,但他们会迅速沦落为日常生活中再也无法行军的事情。(威廉莎士比亚、哈姆雷特、经验名言)事实上,我们的客户Munchery在本月初宣布与Jawbone合作。该协议将允许Munchery的客户通过Jawbone Up跟踪食物的营养数据。


现在不难想象。与合作相似的东西会经常出现在现实世界中。the connected internet of things is rapidly becoming reality . but in order lol比赛竞猜to realize the full potential of a truly connected world,We first needInternet of Things will exist。

internet of things will exist。internet of things正在迅速成为现实。但是,为了建设确实相连的世界的所有潜力,首先要奠定物联网不存在的基础设施。

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