【lol比赛竞猜】appleis Working on a foldable phone of its own,new patents reveal。根据新的专利,苹果正在开发自己的折叠手机。a future iphone could be hinged in the middle,according to the patents,Allowing it to be folded up small and then opened again to allow the scraw根据这项专利,未来的phones可以在手机中间系上铰链,拉链变小,如果再关闭的话,The handset is just one of a range of bendy phones being worked on by companies . while samsungs galaxy x is The most famous这款手机只是企业正在开发的折叠手机系列中的一款。



三星已经展示了Galaxy X手机的很多细节,也是最有名的折叠手机,完全是所有大企业都在开发自己的折叠手机。(威廉莎士比亚,Galaxy X,Northern Exposure(lol竞猜平台美国电视电视剧),成功)Apple is not thought to be releasing a rival model any time soon,And the new ipple毫无疑问,苹果近期不会销售拍卖品,今年9月将公布的新款iphone的形状参数(大小、形状、规格)与现有系列产品完全相同。但是根据新的专利,苹果已经在考虑未来的设计。

the patent filing includes a full 24 images,Showing different ways the phones could bend。and they dont apply only to iphones适用于with features that could work for ipads or even Macs,还适用于苹果手机、苹果平板电脑甚至苹果一体机。

if apple does not release its new bendy phone until 2020 or later,It is likely to be late . samsungs foldable phone is due to be released in the comingit might also be that apple does not reveal a foldable phone at all . the company regularly files patents for products that never actually make it to那家公司在市场上肯定是|lol比赛竞猜。