lol竞猜平台_the us military has successfully tested a . 50-caliber sniper round that can change direction on its way to its target。美军成功测试了50口径狙击手子弹And now The defense advanced research projects agency(DARPA)has released a video of this extreme accuracy tasked ordnance在视频中,子弹可以随着目标物体的运动在空中改变方向。according to DARPA 3360 for military snipers,acquiring moving targets in unfavourable conditions,Suchas high winds and dusty terrain cc据美国国防先进化设备研究项目局称,意见分歧,在目前的技术条件下,想在有利的环境下射击的目标更不容易。


例如在阿富汗等风很大的灰尘中。“It is critical that snipers be able to engage targets faster,and with better accuracy,Since any shot that doesnt hit a target also risks to正确的锁定目标是最重要的。因为没有狙击手,狙击手就不会暴露,对军队的安全构成威胁。

“Darpa Claims The new system is The first ever guided small caliber bullet The exacto . 50-caliber round and optical sighting technology expection名为Exacto的50口径光学射击技术将大大延长目前最先进的装备狙击手系统的登陆作战时间。“The system combines a manoeuverable bullet and a real-time guidance system to track and deliver The projectile to The target,Allowing The buuild该系统将移动的子弹分组到同一个动态诱导系统人力中,由Technology development in phase ii included the design,integration and demonstration of aero-actuation controls,powerOptical Guidance Systems,and Sensors。


“第二阶段技术开发还包括航空性刺激系统的设计、集成和展示、动力源、光学导航系统和传感器。”the programs next phase includes a system-level live-fire test and technology refinement to enhance and improve per formance。“此项目的”the current world record for the longest certified kill was by corporal Craig Harrison of the uk household cavalry,Who Killed Two talled目前,世界上最长的狙击手记录保持者是来自英国皇家卫队的克雷格哈里森下士,他于2009年11月击毙了两名相距22.4公里的塔利班成员。

The shotwas approximately 3,000 ft(914 metres)beyond The stated maximum range of The accuracy l 115 a 3 sniper rifle,used by corporos The这两个塔利班成员那么近,每支枪需要三秒钟才能击中目标。_lol竞猜平台。