lol竞猜官网:If youre one of those people who,whenever 3d printing is mentioned,thinks,how the heck does that work?then we suggest you look away now。如果你对3D总是感到惊讶,你会问:“怎么可能?”“那就不要看这句话。Still here?Well,dont say we didnt warn you be cause your mindis about to be totally blown by what were going to say next 3360 some one has 3d printed a bridge thas那么你的想法将被完全政治宣传。

有人用3D打印机技术建造了能支撑40辆卡车重量的桥。(约翰肯尼迪,Northern Exposure(美国电视),)Thats right-not ducks.TRUCKS.是的,不是40只鸭子,而是40辆卡车。Like,how is that even possible?怎么可能呢?Primarily made for cyclists,work took three months last summer and utilised some 800 layers of concrete。

最初是为骑自行车的人而设计的,去年夏天的三个月里使用了800。But dont ask us to explain the process any further to you-we at Dave desk still cant figure out how to turn the office printer bar但是我们不能说明更多的东西,因为我们连把办公室的彩色打印机换成黑白的方法都不告诉我们。

Honestly,were going through toner cartridges like fun,And no one can take the letters we send out seriously-or even read them properly没有人会认真读发来的信。信中的单词和胡椒一样是明亮的青绿色,所以可能都想读。its ruddy nightmare and we doff our caps to the Dutch boffins at the eind hoven university of technology who managed this impressive feat of technology我们向埃因霍芬理工大学的荷兰科学家脱帽致敬,他们成就了那种科学技术的先例。(约翰肯尼迪,Northern Exposure(美国电视电视剧),Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),Actually,if any one out there knows their如果有人给他们打电话,能偷偷告诉我们吗?we keep getting told weve got a paper jam in tray two,but weve all had a look and we swear we cant see anything。